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Pioneer Families of Tarrant County


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Pioneer Families of Tarrant County

Imagine what life must have been like in the early days of Tarrant County. First, Bird's Fort, then Fort Worth was established bringing the soldiers who would protect the early settlers from natives. The winters were bitter and discouraging. The spring rains would bring huge hail stones that destroyed crops in the fields. Afterwards, the Texas heat would bake the farmers fields dry until wide cracks would open at their feet. Then came the great cattle drives that would raise huge clouds of dust as they made their way north along what would become known as the Chisholm Trail. It was our ancestors who were the pioneers that endured these hardships and who would come to build the communities of Tarrant County out of land, cattle, oil and rail.

If you descend from one of the Pioneer Families of Tarrant County, you certainly would want your family's rich heritage recorded, preserved and celebrated. Eligibility is open to anyone who can prove direct decent from an early Tarrant County family who resided here in or before 1870.

Download and print the Application.


Read and follow the Rules of Evidence.


Sign the Release (included with application) that grants publication rights FWGS.


Complete the application and gather the appropriate documentation. Please do not send your original documents. Photocopies, digital scans, or other facsimiles will suffice.


Send the release, application, documentation and $10 registration fee to FWGS.

Applicants are encouraged to include additional biographical information and/or photographs of their Tarrant County ancestors. The Society plans to publish a book of all qualifying applications.

Upon approval of your application by the PFoTC Review Committee, you will receive a membership card and certificate of membership in Pioneer Families of Tarrant County. You will be informed when publications becomes available as a result of this project. Membership in PFoTC is perpetual and no addition fees or dues will be required.

Pioneer Families of Tarrant County Membership Card

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Rules of Evidence

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If you are interested in this project or know someone who might be, please open and read the Rules of Evidence and the Application. Once you open these forms, you can print them or save them on your computer. Adobe Reader is required to open these documents. If you do not already have the Reader program installed, it can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the Adobe icon above.

If you have questions about this program or your pending application, please contact:

Pioneer Families of Tarrant County Certificate

Roy Combrink

Rita Martin

Rita Bryan

Pioneers Found Here 1848-1870

The names contained in this index come from a variety of sources that may aid you in locating records to establish you pioneer ancestor's residency. Note: Merely finding your ancestor's name in this index is not sufficient proof of residency; you will be required to provide photocopies of the original source records.

Some of these records may not provide enough evidence to prove residency. For example, a person who was issued a land grant may have never come to Tarrant County, or a person paying taxes here may actually live in another county.

It is not required that the pioneer's name appear in this list as there are numerous other local records that will be perfectly acceptable as proof of residency.

Records used to compile this index include:

1850 Census of Tarrant County
Tax Lists from 1850, 1851, 1852, 1853, 1854, 1860, 1863 and 1864
1867 List of Registered Voters
First Settlers of Tarrant County Texas (land grant abstracts)
Cemetery Records of Burials 1870 & Earlier (partial)
List of Early Tarrant County Sheriffs

All of the above records can be found on-line at the Tarrant County TXGenWeb Project

Members of Pioneer Families of Tarrant County

PFoTC Member

Qualifying Ancestor(s)

Earliest Year found in County

2005 Charter Members

Joe Ellis Ericson

Ruth Smith Brown


Doris Ray Taylor

Archibald Franklin Leonard
John Arnold Mugg, Sr.


Annie Lee Clark

James Hardesty
John Hardesty


2006 Charter Members

Deborah McVean

Daniel McVean


Gladys Wylie

Archibald Franklin Leonard
John Arnold Muggs, Sr.


2007 Members

Susan Williams

Rachel Cameron Overton


James Blacklock

Hiram A. Walker


David Smith

Dizanna Catherine Throop
Lucinda Catherine Foster


Ronald Wright

Isaac Power
Mary Jane Power


Stephen Mason

Jacob Albert Zinn


2008 Members

Eleanor R. Edmondson

James Kidwell


Jewell C. Sheppard

Andrew Jackson Edwards
John Thomas Hill


Theresa Lynn Weddell

James Oliver Teague


Carol Jan Cowley

Hiram A. Gray


Marvin Gayle Martin

Andrew Jackson Edwards
Joseph Collin Brownfield


Gordon E. Tandy Roger Jackson Tandy
George Edward Tandy


William Henry Thomas Isaac Ellis Thomas


2009 Members

Francis Shawn Martin Andrew Jackson Edwards
Joseph Collins Brownfield


James Thomas McKinney
Christopher Columbus McKinney
Elizabeth Catherine Moore


Robert Edgar McKinney
Christopher Columbus McKinney
Elizabeth Catherine Moore


2013 Members
Richard Lynn Teague General Marion Teague
Elizabeth Bales Teague
Paul Ricky Creswell Lytle Buford Creswell
William Creswell
Isiah Edwards, Jr. Ripley Allen Arnold

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