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Membership in the Fort Worth Genealogical Society is by calendar year, from January 1st through December 31st. All members receive annually, four issues of our quarterly journal, Footprints, and eleven issues of our monthly newsletter. Those who join mid-year will receive missed issues of Footprints for the current year in the mail, but missed newsletters may only be downloaded from our website. From time to time, other items may also be published and made available.

The five classifications of membership are: Individual, Family, Sustaining, Contributing and Honorary Life. Sustaining and Contributing are levels of membership for those who wish to assist with additional financial support of the Society. These members are greatly appreciated, however there are no additional benefits. Honorary Life Membership, which carry the same benefits as any other class, is bestowed only upon members who have made significant contributions to the growth or betterment of the Society.

In addition to the publications received as a benefit of membership, your dues help to bring in professional speakers for our General Membership meetings and supports an Exchange Program. Our journal, Footprints, is traded for quarterlies published by other genealogical Societies across the nation. Periodicals received through this program, plus books and manuscripts presented to the Society, as well as books sent in for review in Footprints, are donated to the Genealogy Department of the Fort Worth Public Library for use by the general public.

We invite you to join us as a member of the Fort Worth Genealogical Society. Annual dues are as low as $23.00 for individuals. Renewals and new memberships are accepted year round.

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Please fill out one of the Membership Applications and then decide how you want to pay your dues. You may write and mail a check to us, or you may pay online with a credit card.

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You may still join the old fashioned way, by mailing your check or money order with a completed membership form. Everything you need to know is contained on the Membership Application above. 

If you are paying online, we still ask that you complete a membership application. Please be sure that you click the submit button.

Both of the above Applications may be used for new members, membership renewals and to report changes of address.  Use either form, regardless of how you pay your dues.

Paying by Check?

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Standing Rules

Articles of Incorporation

Charter Membership List, 1957

Early Membership Ledger

Obituaries and Memorials of Fallen Members

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