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Getting it's start in May 1957 as a one page monthly newsletter named Bulletin, the journal Footprints is now published quarterly by the Fort Worth Genealogical Society. It contains items such as: Bible records; church records; lodge records; cemetery and funeral home records; military records; newspaper clippings and obituaries; old letters, maps and diaries; school, tax and voter lists; queries; and other materials pertaining to genealogical or historical research in Texas. Membership benefits include receiving all four issues published annually, even if you join mid-year.

The Society solicits unpublished Texas related material for inclusion in Footprints. Priority is given first to Tarrant County and then to materials from the surrounding counties.  Primary source material is preferred, but secondary sources are also accepted.

Queries are always welcome. We print them free of charge, but they must be Texas-related. You must furnish your full name, full mailing address and your e-mail address (optional). Better queries will include full names, dates and places when known. Questions should be concise and to the point. Incomplete or incoherent queries will be rejected. We reserve the right to edit prior to publication.

Submit Queries On-Line

Materials or queries may be submitted for consideration of publication to the Editor via email or snail-mail:

FWGS Footprints Editor
P.O. Box 471789
Fort Worth, Texas 76147-1408

When submitting Bible records, if possible, please send a scanned image or Xerox copy of the Bible pages, including the title page or copyright page. Also send a transcribed text file or typed copy of the record and a brief sketch of the family in order to clarify names and relationships.

The editor reserves the right to edit material prior to publication. Submitted material will be returned if requested and if a S.A.S.E. is included. Sending material is not a guarantee that it will be published. We reserve the right to choose the material used in publication and to reject materials we determine to be inappropriate, unfit for printing, or of little interest to the public.

Back Issues

Back issues of Footprints are currently available in two forms. We have hard copies of most issues dating back to 2016. The only method to obtain issues from the current year is to place membership.

Footprints is also available on CD-ROM for your computer. This CD contains all volumes from the beginnings of the Bulletin in 1957 through 1997. Includes a surname index and topical index that. The contents of this disc is in PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader. A Windows version of this program is included on the CD or the newest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded free of charge through the Internet. Many computers come with this program pre-installed from the factory. The CD operates on both PC (Windows) and Macintosh computers.

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Topical Index of our Footprints CD-ROM, (1957-1997)

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Index of Bible Records Published in Footprints (1975-1984)

Table of Contents of Footprints/Bulletin from the 1950's

Table of Contents of Footprints/Bulletin from the 1960's

Table of Contents of Footprints from the 1970's

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Table of Contents of Footprints from the 1990's

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Table of Contents of Footprints from the 2010's  (thru 2011)

Footprints Topical Index, 1957-2018

Footprints Full Name Index, 1998-2018

Footprints, the Quarterly Journal of the Fort Worth Genealogical Society

Footprints is mailed to each of our members four times yearly; in February, May, August and November.

Footprints on CD-ROM

Footprints 1957-1997 on CD-ROM

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