Compiled by Dixie Hall Bennett, Joe F. Grant and Jerry S. Grant

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The six volume series contains over 1500 pedigree charts that were submitted from members and non-members alike from 1995 through 1997 for publication in the project. Each volume measures 8 1/2 by 11, has a full name index and soft cover. An online searchable index to the entire series has been made possible through the efforts of Joe Grant.

Generations is also available on CD-ROM for your computer. The contents of this disc is in PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader. A Windows version of this program is included on the CD or the newest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded free of charge through the Internet. Many computers come with this program pre-installed from the factory. The CD operates on both PC (Windows) and Macintosh computers.

Volume 1

Volume 1 contains the submissions from 22 contributors for a total of 268 charts and 285 pages. Those contributing to this volume are; Dale Wade Blankinship, Penny Brewer Blankinship, Peggy Jones Besselievre, Phillip H. Besselievre Jr., Geraldine Emmons, Joe F. Grant, Jerry S. Grant, Merrilyn Gail Lewellen, Darla J. McFarland, Ann M. Robinson Lee, Henry F. Ball, Willadean Evans Ball, Amado J. Guzman, Mary Agnes Cunningham Guzman, Farrell F. Hogg, Paul W. Henderson, Joy Brown, Lou Pettigrew, Ann Blakely, Gary Blakely, Donna Barton Merrill and Minnie Alice Noe.

Volume 2

Volume 2 contains the submissions from 37 contributors for a total of 255 charts and 268 pages. Those contributing to this volume are; Edith Davies Williams, Neva J. Bowles, Martha McCarthy Story, Donald Goodman, Francis E. Cole, Debbie J. Pearson, Jim L. Hipkins, Margaret F. McCain, Margie Wise Phillips, Thomas Logan Phillips, Sandra Sue Perry, Carl Reliford Perry, Juanita Webb Green, Curtis M. Dove Jr., Margaret Modene Riggs Dove, Letha Bell, Ineta F. Branham, Robert J. Branham, Joye K. Evetts, Harold Evetts, Walter E. Chessmore, Lucille R. Chessmore, Richard Aiello, Mildred Aiello, Buster G. McDuff, Noliah Boone McDuff, Wanda K. Ellerbee, Una J. McCormick, Eugene Fowlkes, Jo Maxine Stufflebeam, Frances Clements Lapp, Karen Bowman, Melva D. Gerdes O'Neal, Dennis D. O'Neal, Doris Hill Holder, Evyonne R. Andrews Eddins and Susan B. Morrison.

Volume 3

Volume 3 contains the submissions from 23 contributors for a total of 250 charts and 264 pages. Those contributing to this volume are; Maurine Small Atkins, Pat Gordon, Mary L. Rollins, Elaine Jutson, Georgie Measels Walsh, Billie Poley King, Georgie Underwood Frost, Lois Morris, Helen Ocheltree, John W. Ocheltree, Renee Grissom Boydstun, Harold Grisham Byrom, Jack Scott, Daphne Gomillion Storey, Lisa L. Kight, Jerry Doyle Beckham, Jeana Burt Beckham, Clois B. Richardson, F. Ann Lefevre, Nelita Snow, Robert A. Harris, Robert T. Slater and Mary P. Slater.

Volume 4

Volume 4 contains the submissions from 22 contributors for a total of 266 charts and 278 pages. Those contributing to this volume are; Dorris L. (Wilkerson) Grayson, Nancy Stowe, Larry Dwayne Shields, Virginia B. Peek, A.K. & Shirley Buckner McKinney, Modelle Rawls Thurman, Betty June Bradford Shelvey, Mrs. Marie Walls Henderson, Charles R. Heild, Westal W. & Patsy Rich Fuchs, Betty McCrary Dickey, C. Jan Cowley, Eleanor S. Hutcheson, Vera Francis Vaughn Spencer, Lynn Hartford Spencer and Glenda Whitaker Subyak.

Volume 5

Volume 5 contains the submissions from 36 contributors for a total of 253 charts and 267 pages. Those contributing to this volume are; Betty Sue Stacy (Harfield) Abshire, Roberta A. Shelton, Donald R. Fleming, Martha (Keller) Fleming, Laura Strickland, Royce Herbert D'Arcy, Virginia LaRue (Head) D'Arcy, Mary D. Walsh, F. Howard Walsh, La Quinta Jane Carnes Cox, Margie W. Phillips, James R. McKenzie Jr., Rex C. Hopson, Joy L. Wetherbee, Henry R. & Corlyn Holbrook Adams, Kay Young, Catherine P. Jones, Jane Leas Berberich, Rob G. Yoder, C. Rogers McLane, B.B. Shuffler, Cecilie Gaziano, Drusilla Falk, Roy Lamont Leach, Marilyn Wilson, Patricia T. Fuchshuber, Joy Balyeat Nash, Stanton Harris Nash, M.C. Williams Jr., Barbara Lancaster Tsirigotis, Henry Fletcher Ball Jr., Juanita Dunlap and Katherine Kitzer Stephens.

Volume 6

Volume 6 contains the submissions from 22 contributors for a total of 222 charts and 232 pages. Those contributing to this volume are; Marguerite R. Van Etten, Betty Jean Wood Lloyd, Henry R. Adams, Robert Leldon Tapscott, Herbert R. Timberlake, Lee O. Jr. & Sonja Vaughn, Billy & Margaret Taylor, Billie Jo Sparkman Martin, Alton Spencer Ray Jr., Carolyn Yoder Dobbs, Michael O'Neal, Del Smajstria, Tom B. McDaniel, Frank D. Neher, Myrtle Lauder Zahn, Margaret Florence Dent, Miss Billie Beth Moore, Joanne M. Calhoun, Mrs. Ann R. Thurman, William Byrd King III, Peggy Jones Besselievre and Doris Jean Holder.


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