Alexander Beall, 1649-1744 of Maryland
One Line of Descent in America

Compiled by William Hunter McLean

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One of the initial "Five Beall Families of Maryland" identified by ancestry and biographies from 1649 to 1976. Hard cover, 90 pages, full name index.


"Better to write something now than everything never."
- Sir Iain Moncreiffe

In the late 1950's, Van Zandt Beall of Fort Worth gave to his niece, my wife Lucile Beall McLean, his small file of correspondence on, and pencil sketches of, his Beall family tree. Among his correspondents was Nancy Harrison Beall Williams of El Paso, who earlier had taken an interest in Beall genealogy. Conclusions of the two cousins, although lacking documentary proof, were substantially correct, except for one ancestral generation based upon published sources subsequently refuted.

Sir Iain Moncreiffe's maxim, prompted by unfinished and unpublished material wasted with death and time, plus extinct names among my wife's and my families that could be identified by our generation or "never," led to my genealogical research and this book.

From the 1640's in Scotland to 1914 in Fort Worth, Texas, only two wills were found executed by male members of this Beall line, those in 1742 and 1744 in Maryland. Property was otherwise disposed of by gift to children as a custom, or by necessity, as this Beall family was ever at the forefront of the western movement in advance of local document recording offices. That, added to the typical loss of records over the years by fire or lack of care, required proof of descent by secondary, often circumstantial evidence, producing a vast number of references and a text too detailed and technical. For that and the inevitable errors and omissions, I apologize.

Wm. Hunter McLean
Fort Worth, Texas
February, 1977

Alexander Beall, 1649-1744 of Maryland
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