From Ayr to Thurber

Three Hunter Brothers and the Winning of the West

Compiled by William Hunter McLean

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Hard cover, 158 pages, full name index.


This book centers attention on the three Hunter brothers who were associated closely in business and by mutual affections, Robert Dickie Hunter, William Hunter and David Hunter. It was prompted by loss of the Hunter name among their descendants as only one son was born among them to die unmarried; and, by the compiler's affection for his Hunter mother and fascination with her stories of her father, William Hunter, and of his two respected brothers

With the exception of Elizabeth Hunter, half-sister to the three brothers, and her husband, Silas B. Funk, little was found about the other brothers and sisters that does not appear in the unpublished manuscript of Margaret Lothian (Mrs. David) Hunter, which is included in this book. That is regretted but unavoidable if the accomplished research was ever to reach the printer.

The genealogical passages, sometimes labored and always in detail boring to the unrelated reader, hopefully have been compensated for by the historical content of early day cattle drives, ranching, prospecting and cattle commission companies, ranging from New Mexico Territory and Texas to Montana and from Colorado to Illinois; and, of the unique mining town of Thurber, Texas

Wm. Hunter McLean
Fort Worth, Texas
February, 1977

From Ayr to Thurber

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