1810 Census, Pendleton District,
South Carolina

Compiled and published by Nancy Timmons Samuels - This 73 page soft cover book measures 8 1/2 by 11 and has a full name index. It is an invaluable tool for those researching in this time and place.

On microfiche the pages of the 1810 census of Pendleton District, South Carolina, are very much out of sequence. The "out of order" pages were stamped with numbers, evidently prior to microfilming. The census taker's handwritten page numbers also appear on the film. These begin with page 200 and continue through page 297, the last page being a "recap" dated 1 December 1810.

The census in this book is arranged in the proper page sequence--that of the census taker--so that the researcher may more easily determine the neighborhoods in which people lived. The format of the census in this book is different from that of the census taker, in that the males and females are shown together (but separated by a dash) under each age grouping, thus diminishing the number of columns used per page.

This census was fairly easy to read, after a scanning study of the handwriting.

1810 Census - Pendleton District, South Carolina
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