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About the Society

Founded in 1957, the Fort Worth Genealogical Society is a non-profit, educational corporation created to foster and maintain interest in genealogy among citizens of Tarrant County, Texas and surrounding areas. The Society publishes and distributes genealogical and historical information to the public and assists the Fort Worth Library in the acquisition of genealogical and historical research material. Through monthly meetings and other activities, the Society encourages the exchange of ideas and helps its members to develop efficient methods for genealogical and historical research.

Our meetings are in partnership with the Genealogy and Local History Department of the Fort Worth Library. We typically schedule four meetings each month, except December. Our General Membership Meeting falls on the last Tuesday of each month. Our Beginners Class meets in the morning of the fouth Saturday, January through August, and our Computer Users Group meets the same afternoon in the Intel Computer Lab to learn about software or sites on the Internet. And finally, the Board of Directors meet on the third Saturday at the Southwest Regional Library. For more information about our meetings, return to our homepage and click on "Meetings."

Our Purpose

To support and operate an educational and literary undertaking;

To create, foster and maintain interest among citizens of Tarrant County, Texas, and surrounding areas, in the subject of genealogy;

To collect and preserve information relating to those pioneers who settled Tarrant County, Texas, and surrounding areas, and to the early history of such territory;

To preserve church, cemetery and land records, testamentary documents, diaries, letters and manuscripts, and other source materials, wherein are chronicled the achievements of those who laid in the wilderness the foundation of this great community;

To copy and index all such records, and to catalogue them, so as to make this information most readily available to present and future generations;

To collect and make available through this organization the published records of other States, whence came the Texas pioneers;

To exchange ideas, and to collaborate, in devising efficient methods for Genealogical and historical research;

To publish and to disseminate genealogical and historical information and material to the public;

To assist the Fort Worth, Texas, Public Library, and other libraries and institutions in their acquisition of genealogical and historical information and material;

To acquire by gift or purchase genealogical and historical information and materials for the use of its members, or for placement in libraries and institutions; and

To do and perform any and all other acts incident or necessary to accomplish any and all of the above and foregoing acts and purposes.

History of the Fort Worth Genealogical Society

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