General Membership Meetings

Our General Membership Meetings are conducted on the last Tuesday
of each month with exception of December.

Fort Worth Central Library (Downtown)
500 West 3rd Street
Fort Worth, Texas
Tandy Auditorium

6:30 - 7:45 pm - Doors open at 6:00 for coffee

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Next Meeting

Tuesday - 26 November 2019

Speaker: John Wylie of
Texas State Genealogical Society

Topic: John will tell us what is new in TSGS.

There will also be door prizes and some surprises.

2019 Schedule

January Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Suzanne Fritz

Topic: Use & Checkout of FlipPal Scanners

Have some old family photos or documents you need to scan? Bring them to the meeting and we will show you how to do it! FWGS recently donated towards the Library project to purchase Flip Scanners for the Genealogy Unit. We all want to see them and find out how to use them. Library Staff will give us a demonstration and instruction. (Meet in the Tandy Auditorium FIRST, then after business and refreshments, we will go downstairs.)

February Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Mark Lucas-Kelly

Topic: History of Lucas Funeral Home in Grapevine

Mark will not only present some history of the Lucas family and how they founded their business, but will also cover some of the early practices of funeral homes and just how different it is today.

March Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Debbie Pearson

Topic: Using City Directories

Once upon a time there were Phone Books and City Directories where you could look up information on your friends and your community. (And not just for large cities—even small towns.) These directories can yield many details vital to our genealogical research. Come learn where to find them and how to use them.

April Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Bernard N. Meisner

Topic: The Value of Collateral Line Research

Researching collateral lines (aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, in-laws, etc.) can reveal information not discovered in your direct lineage research. It can add to the overall historical story of your family or lead to others researching the family and break through brick walls. Bernard will show examples from his own family research.

May Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Lynell Moss

Topic: Family Search Wikis

Ever thought you would like an assistant to help you find the records you need or an expert to ask about a county or a state you need to research? Have you ever used the Family Search Wikis? Lynell will show you how and show their great value to genealogists and researchers.

June Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Brian Hocker

Topic: The Archives of KXAS Channel 5

KXAS Channel 5 has certainly been on the front row of local history since coming on air in 1948. When the station made the decision to build a new building and leave Broadcast Hill in east Fort Worth, they uncovered boxes and boxes of historical print and media. Come hear this interesting story and find out where we can easily access that history and possibly use it in our research.

July Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Lora Pallatto

Topic: Follow The Money

Can’t find an elusive ancestor, but you think he should be there. Or you found him, but you need more details to “flesh him out.” You’ve tried it all (you think?) Come hear Lora describe alternative resources for finding documentation of ancestors, where they lived, and spent their money.

August Meeting Flyer

Speaker: Sheila Randolph

Topic: The Non Paternal Event BLUES

What happens when your DNA test reveals an NPE? Someone in your family heritage does not share your DNA, therefore is not your blood relative. It happened to Sheila. Come hear tales of her DNA journey.

August Meeting FlyerSeptember

We had a cancellation and Debbie has been scrambling to locate a replacement. We now have a new speaker for the September General Membership Meeting: 

Patti Huff Smith from Dallas Genealogical Society.

Her topic is "The Beatitudes of Genealogy"

August Meeting FlyerOctober

Speaker: Wayne Ludwig

Topic: The Old Chisholm Trail: A Research Project

Wayne mounted a massive research project to either prove or disprove the name of the cattle trail that ran through Fort Worth that we know as the Chisholm Trail. Along the way he decided he had enough to write a book. His research techniques and methods fit perfectly with what good family researchers should do too. Come hear some history, hear his methods, and maybe buy Wayne’s book.

Plus: Election of 2019 Officers

November Meeting Flyer

Speaker: John Wylie of
         Texas State Genealogical Society
         and a member of FWGS

Topic: What's new in TxSGS.

John is going to Install our new officers, then bring us news from the Texas State Genealogical Society’s latest conference. He will review some of the benefits that a membership in our state society can give you. He will also bring some free gifts. Door Prizes and Awards are in store this night too. Please don’t miss this one!


Meetings are not typically scheduled in December

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